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  • January 22Ski days 18-20th February

Winning Weekend!


December 10, 2018

Eighth Grade Girls' Basketball took first place in Worland.  The players, Kennedi Niemann, Reece Niemann, Aspen Kalkowski, Ava Stafford, Jessa Lynn, Ally Boysen, Miah McCarten, Hailee Hansen, and Mykal Stone beat Burlington...

What happened with Breakfast?

Ava Wollschlager, News

November 30, 2018

Last year students could come to school with an empty stomach and eat a delicious sugary breakfast.  Breakfast had chocolate milk or juice, with a nice chocolate chip breakfast bar or a rice crispy treat. Now breakfast is whole w...

December Scavenger Hunt

Sage Ellsbury & Tyra Morris, Scavenger hunt

November 30, 2018

See a flag that says “Cody Middle School Can't hide hide that cougar pride” at CMS , snap a picture, tell where you found it, and email it to [email protected]  . First three student to send in a photo win a prize. So st...

6th Graders Persevere

Morgan Evans, News

November 30, 2018

This school year has been off to a great start. With a new school comes new responsibilities for sixth graders. Sixth grader Elijah Cook enjoys middle school. He also said that his favorite class is art or computers. Montana Mass...

Student Council Elections

Christian Dudrick, News

November 30, 2018

Most schools around the country have standard student government elections. They decide to run for a position, give a speech, display posters and give out gear. Finally, it's time for voting. Of course, if they win the majorit...

Staring into the Stars

Dillon Bullock, News

November 30, 2018

CMS students are staring into the stars in the recently remodeled observatory. It is located near the end of the 8th grade wing outside. The observatory cost the school district 50,000 dollars to build. The Astronomy Club starte...

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Kash Merritt, Features Writer

November 30, 2018

They’re in your pocket all day unless you follow the rules but then again who does! They are checked when the teacher isn’t around, and taken away if caught.  PHONES. Teachers all around the school are on the lookout for p...

The Scoop on CMS Central

Kennedi Niemann & Laura Phillips, News

November 30, 2018

CMS has a new class, Broadcast Journalism, with the name CMS Central. This is a videotaping class with Ms. Denning as the teacher. The class has been working on making broadcasting shows just like CHS Wired at Cody High School. ...

RECAP on Halloween Extravaganza

Ben Seibert, News

November 30, 2018

Halloween Extravaganza was on the 31st of October. The Halloween Extravaganza was based on a food drive-- one can of food earned you a ticket to do the events.  There was an inflatable obstacle course, archery, face painting,...


Ben Seibert

November 1, 2018

Red Ribbon Week

Staff, News

October 30, 2018

Red Ribbon Week was last week here at CMS.  The school had 258 participants in the week's activities.  Tuesday was a coloring contest, "Sock It" to Drugs on Wednesday, and lastly "Rocking it Red" Thursday.  Red Ribbon Wee...

Library Lost With Lit Block

Sage Ellsbury, News

October 30, 2018

CMS has a new librarian and a new library schedule. A lot of students did not know the school has a new librarian and a lot still have yet to meet her.  Mrs. Jennisen Lucas is the new K-12 librarian for the school district. She ho...