• February 3Friday, February 21st and Saturday, February 22nd:    LION KING at the Wynona
  • February 3No School Monday 2/17
  • January 22Ski days 18-20th February

Pick a Side

Macey Cranfill, Reporter

December 3, 2019

The simple question is snowboarding or skiing? Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master - whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master. You might hear this a lot from different people. You need to be pretty fit to be a...

And Now Kagan!

Molly Hays, Feature

December 3, 2019

You may have heard teachers talking about the Kagan program. This is because CMS has introduced Kagan. This is a new way to do classroom activities. Using this program will ensure that everyone participates. Some of the activ...


Mina Hensley, Feature

November 20, 2019

Hockey and maple syrup, two things that Canada is famous for. Canada is also said to have one of the best school systems and is well funded. They have a similar school system as America; both grading systems are nearly identical: ...


Ada Nelson, Feature

November 20, 2019

Can you imagine being done with school about this time of year! Well in Argentina, students have school from March to December. They have about 200 days of school in that time period. Saturdays are usually used for extra curr...

Education In Iceland

Logan Class, Feature

November 19, 2019

In Iceland they don’t have any schools because it is too cold and windy and the buildings can’t stand. That would make sense but, the schools in Iceland are actually some of the best schools in the world. The students go t...

Wakati wa Shule!!

Danielle Lipe, Reporter

November 19, 2019

  Did you know that Uganda has one of the largest youth populations in the world? More than 56 percent of its population is under the age of eight-teen. They often have large classroom sizes getting up to as much as 60 stu...

Jamaican Schools

Kash Merritt, Feature

November 18, 2019

  Don’t worry about a thing… parents because your kids are safe at school or are they? In Jamaica the education system is modeled after the British educational system since Great Britain ruled Jamaica. The government s...

Math Wizards

Aidan Gallagher, Reporter

November 18, 2019

Chinese children spend 3, yes three, years in kindergarten! Then they have six years of primary school. Lastly they have three to six years of secondary school. The U.S. system usually has six years of elementary school, three yea...

Could you go to school in South Africa?

Barrett George, Feature

November 18, 2019

  In South Africa only 27% of the students in sixth grade can read. In the U.S about 99% of students can read at that age. South Africa’s school days go from 7:30am to 2:00pm for 2nd grade to 9th grade. Corporal punishme...

Amo La Pasta

Macey Cranfill, Reporter

November 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in school somewhere across the world? Maybe doing MAP testing on the beach, or doing an SCR in a blizzard with a polar bear.  Education in Italy is from ages 6 to 16 years old, in the USA ...

Clothes speak louder than words

Sage Ellsbury, Feature

November 7, 2019

Imagine not having a chance to express yourself through clothes, imagine being assigned clothing each day and every other girl or boy wearing the same outfit as you. This is what it would be like at a uniform school. People use...

What do the teachers think 2019?

Riley Simone, Feature

November 6, 2019

With first quarter behind us, the staff here at CMS are looking forward to the remainder of the school year. “I think we have gotten off to a great start this year as a school. I feel like things have really started to settle i...