• October 26Pumpkin Carving Photos due Monday 11.2
  • October 19Hearts Flagsfor Veterans October 20th-30th
  • October 13Friday, 10.30 End of 1st Quarter

Enrichment Rulehouse

Kennedi Niemann & Laura Phillips, News

October 30, 2018

Our Shirts Are Brighter Than Your Future Have you ever tie dyed something before?  There's a new enrichment class called Wyo Tie Dye. If you love tie dying things and like working with colors, this is the perfect class fo...

Mamma Mia

Taylen Stinson & Ava Wolschlager, News

October 30, 2018

Mamma Mia, the musical, is coming to the Wynona Thompson Auditorium. This play is about a mother preparing for her daughter’s wedding, meanwhile her daughter invites three men from her mother's past in hopes of finding her fat...

Honored for Grades….

Dillon Bullock, Feature

October 30, 2018

CMS has a National Junior Honor Society program which started about three years ago.  Mrs. Pearson-Horner is the sponsor for this program.  Currently, this school's chapter has 90 NJHS members. Once a student is inducted, a p...

Keep School at School?

Wren Harvey, Features Writer

October 30, 2018

Should school stay in school and not go to our homes? Homework has been debated since it was invented. Plenty of kids dislike homework because it eats into their free time at home. When children are assigned an hour of it, it ...

Cody Middle School Approaching Its 25th Anniversary

Christian Dudrick, Feature

October 23, 2018

The history of Cody Middle School dates back to nearly a quarter of a century. Tom Cook, the first principal of CMS, said the land the middle school sits on was farmland owned by the school district. It was formerly used by t...

CMS Arena?

Mahayla Allred and Sage Ellsbury, Features Writer

September 26, 2018

As you may have heard CMS is starting a newspaper made up of our 7th and 8th grade students!  Real broncs and fillies meet in the the arena to learn about the latest happenings~ thus we created cmsarena.org to share Cody Middl...

Enrichment Rulehouse

Trinity Wageman and Blair Brengle, Feature

September 26, 2018

Let's Go Hunting! Attention CMS students--we have just started out Friday enrichment classes! Hunters Education is a class where you can earn your hunters education certification card. Owen Fink is taking Hunters Education. He ...

Lunch Overhauls

Wren Harvey, Features Writer

September 25, 2018

This year lunch has had some changes. For example we don’t have a layered floor, chocolate milk is gone, we have mixed grades, a new lunch line, and higher prices.What do you think about all of these changes? Flat Floor ...