New Teachers On the Block

Tyra Morris & Macey Cranfill, News

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If you haven’t noticed, Cody Middle School has many new teachers this year: a new art teacher, math teacher, life skills teacher, and many more.  CMS is happy to welcome the new teachers and the different teaching styles.

Mrs. Manuele, the art teacher, stated, “I like that I can do more advanced projects with the kids, and a certain level of art to do harder things. Coming in I feel like the experience was less than I anticipated, because kids haven’t taken art in a very long time. I think that as we build our foundational skills, the kids can really take off in art!” Mrs. Manuele is enjoying working with the older kids. She used to work at the elementary schools as an art teacher and has worked at every elementary school in Cody except Sunset.

Mrs. Wilde announced that “I like everything about teaching at CMS.  The staff is great and everyone is willing to help each other out. The students are so much fun! It’s a great feeling when students are learning a concept and they have the ‘light bulb’ moment and say, ‘I get it!’  I feel like CMS is part of my family.  Everyone contributes in one way or another to making CMS a great place to learn.”  She has worked at CMS for ten years but this is her first year teaching 7th and 8th grade math.

Mrs. Class is our new GATE teacher, she has taught for 10 years, but this is her first year teaching at Cody Middle School. She used to live in Laramie ,where she taught elementary first and second graders. Mrs. Class was scared about taking the job in the middle school as a gifted and talented teacher, yet she wanted to give it a shot. She knew the job was going to be a very big challenge, but she enjoys challenges. She likes getting to know the kids and their personalities.

Stay tuned for information on other new staff members in later editions.