Library Lost With Lit Block

Sage Ellsbury, News

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CMS has a new librarian and a new library schedule. A lot of students did not know the school has a new librarian and a lot still have yet to meet her.  Mrs. Jennisen Lucas is the new K-12 librarian for the school district. She hopes students will find the library a safe place to read, learn and explore.  Although, Mrs. Lucas works on several campuses, her favorite aspect of being a librarian is to help students discover things, broaden, and deepen their understanding of topics.

Last Year vs This Year

Last year, Literacy Block was scheduled for all students. In that class students read, and one day of the week went to the library. This year with the new schedule,  Literacy Block and the library were lost in the dust. Macey Cranfill, a 7th grade student, feels the library was a safe environment and most lost the privilege to go there.  Mrs. Lucas is willing to listen to students so that the library can be used again to the best of its ability.

With the school removing Lit Block, the schedule now has Reading and Breakfast (also known as read and feed) first thing in the mornings.  Unfortunately, since the whole school has it at the same time, classes cannot utilize the library due to too many students at once.  As always, Mrs. Cole (library para-professional) is there to help you find a book and check it out for you.

How do you feel about the library this year?