Operation Chromebook

Ben Seibert & Kash Merritt, Feature

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This year Cody Middle School went under some dramatic changes with the Chromebooks. The students have an assigned Chromebook to take to all classes. Last year, each class had its own set of Chromebooks for students to use in that class. When students register, they pay a 20 dollar Chromebook insurance fee. If the device is damaged, the 20 dollar fee for insurance will cover the broken parts. The students also received protective cases for the Chromebooks. The cases include a little slip cover with the students name and the phrase “Go Broncs and Fillies”, and the year they will graduate from CHS, such as class of 2024.  The process this year is that no Chromebooks go home and they are charged at school. The District is able to control the Chromebooks better, and administrators can decide to change the Chromebooks, if they feel they need to.

Zac Barton, a seventh grade student thinks the Chromebooks are better than the iPads because it is easier to type.  He also likes the cases for the Chromebooks and feels they protect them well. Tim Foley, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Technology, for our district shared why the student body has Chromebooks at the middle school. ¨One reason we have Chromebooks instead of iPads is that the cost of iPads is greater than Chromebooks. Another reason is kids weren’t able to type on a keyboard on iPads.¨ Chromebooks also offer more apps and extensions than iPads.  Due to this, he stated, ¨From an educational standpoint  Chromebooks are better.¨