Shoot. Swish. Dunk

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Shoot. Swish. Dunk

Trinity Wageman & Blair Brengle, Sports

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Seventh grade girls basketball started on October 15th. This is the 7th graders first time playing basketball for the middle school. Their first week of practice was held at Sunset Elementary School.  They had nine practices before their first game against Lander and Riverton on October 27th.  Mr. Nieters and Mr. Denning are coaching this season. Mr. Nieters has been coaching about 22 years. He played basketball in high school and junior high. He would like to teach some basic fundamentals of basketball like dribbling with your non dominant hand and teaching the rules of the game.

The 7th grade girls look forward to playing basketball with their friends and peers, and the competition they will make with rival schools. One player, Riley Simone, explains, “ I like basketball because I like fast paced games. I like the challenge of learning new things about the game as well.”  Are these 7th graders ready for the long practices, weekend games, and early mornings?


Josefina Blain

Teena Briggs

Sara Riolo

Allie Broussard

Maddy Follweiler

Ashlyn Grant

Kadence Hawes

Molly Hays

Hailey Holeman

Madeline Lee

Olivia Longo

Jennifer Lord

Ada Nelson

Kelsey Pomajzl

Taydon Schoening

Callie Shelton

Riley Simonie

Adrian Wood