8th Grade Broncs Football Killin’ It

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8th Grade Broncs Football Killin’ It

Dillon Brost, sports

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Eighth grade Broncs football season opened in Lovell . The Broncs started their season out strong. They won six to thirty six. Remy Broussard (number 33) scored three touchdowns and got two picks, Jackson Schroeder (number 40) scored two touchdowns, and  Luke Talich (number 49) scored one touchdown during the game. Remy Broussard (number 33) said,  “The game against Lovell was easy because our team played better.” He also said, “I think I did pretty well during the game and I think the whole team will do great throughout the entire season.”  He feels the hardest game will be Worland because they have the most players. 

Broncs Get Win Number Two

Cody Broncs played another game on Tuesday, September 11 at Cowley against Rocky Mountain. The final score was 22-0.  Luke Talich (number 49) was the leading scorer, scoring all of the touchdowns for the Broncs. Coach Jakob Tuten ( 5th year coaching) thinks that his team did pretty good and thinks they will have a good season because they are coachable, athletic, and will keep building from last year.  Jakob Tuten stated, “I think Riverton will be the most challenging because they were the toughest last year.”  The Broncs will have several games to prepare for the match up with Riverton. 

The Broncs grab another win

Cody Broncs suited up September 15th against the Worland Warriors in Worland.  The Broncs A team was victorious over the Warriors 22-38. While the B team didn’t get to play because the Worland B team forfeited the game.  The leading scorer of the games was Lucas Talich (number 49) with three touchdowns with Remy Broussard (number 33) and Jackson Schroeder (number 40) each scoring a touchdown to contribute to the Broncs thirty eight points.   Remy Broussard said, “Worland was pretty tough.” Although the Warriors were a tough team the Broncs still pulled through for a win. The Broncs are currently undefeated with three wins. The Broncs will take the field against Lander September 22nd.


Kale Mickelson (number 1), Ethan Berry (number 3), Beau Burlingame (number 10), Matt Nelson (number 11), Isaac Ellsbury (number 13), Bo Shirley (number 14), Evan Owen (number 15), Eli Pryor (number 17), Jedidiah Becker (number 21), Jacob Bash (#25), Ben Reinker (number 22), Wilkins Radakovich (number 23), Devin Torczon (number 24), Dylan Campbell (number 28), Dominic Phillips (number 29), Kamden Niemann (number 30), Trey Thomasson (number 32), Remy Broussard (number 33), Jackson Schroeder (number 40), Lucas Talich (number 49), Wyatt Mcknight (number 51), Sebastian Franzen (number 53), Jace Grant (number 54), Grady Monfeldt (number 55), Bode Blatt (number 57), Montana Strunk (number 59), Ty Green (number 60), Bentley Garay (number 90), Grayson Beaudrie (number 70), Royce Adams (number 71), Lexi Loran (number 68), Ghavin Vance (number 85), Aiden Hartwig (number 86), Wyatt Carlson (number 88), Lane Rohde (number 89), Ivan Sperry (number 91), Keegan Hensley (number 94), Jackson Wood (number 99), Kaden Kondelis (56)  Coaches are Joe Beaudrie and Jake Williams.