Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears

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Our Blood, Our Sweat, Your Tears

Macey Cranfill, Sports

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Seventh Grade Volleyball Fillies have Started off HOT

Seventh grade girls volleyball have been playing hard. The first game that the Blue and Gold teams played was in Meeteetse. They only had a week of practice, some girls had not even played volleyball before. The coaches said that they would have liked more practice for the girls before their first game.  Coach Osborne mentions, “The girls have good sportsmanship on and off the court.” Both Osborne and Beaudrie have had volleyball experience. Coach Beaudrie even played for the Cody High School team, she was an outside hitter. Coach Osborne has been coaching for 25 years and wants to learn more about volleyball.

Coach Beaudrie and Coach Osborne enjoy coaching with each other and they learn more about the sport from one another everyday. Osborne and  Beaudrie have philosophies, which are: “The skills they use on the court they also use in their daily life”.~Coach Osborne. “A person can take a lot of life lessons out of the sport, play like you play in a game.” Coach Beaudrie stated. I also interviewed,Violet Wollschlager, a player on the team. Violet loves the sport and she has learned that mistakes are okay. She also likes that her team works together as one.

The players are:

Allie Broussard,

Macey Cranfill,

Lauren Duke,

Maddy Follweiler,

Samantha Geoghegan,

Kadence Hawes,

Adelie Hall,

Molly Hays,

Hailey Holeman,

Hannah Holeman,

Alexis LaBlue,

Madeline Lee,

Josey Lemburg,

Allison Magargal,

Ada Nelson,

Alex Nielsen,

Colleen Olmos,

Kelsey Pomajzl,

Gracie Randol,

Sara Riolo,

Ava Sam,

Taydon Schoening,

Riley Simone,

Ellie Ungrund,

Violet Wollschlager.