Splish, splash


Jaida Brice, Reporter

 Splish splash, for the end of the year the 8th graders are going to star plunge! Every year there are a couple of field trips for each grade. The 8th graders get to go to star plunge in Thermopolis, and that happens every year. Some people had the option to go and help with the Sunset school field day, but mostly every 8th grader will be swimming. Lots of 8th graders are excited about this year’s end school field trip. Emma Kendrick says, “I am excited to hang out with all my friends at a fun place outside of school. I am also looking forward to having a day off of school.  I have been to Thermopolis and it’s a really fun place. I think this year’s field trip option is way better than last year because this is a lot more fun to me than hiking.”. This year’s eighth-graders, enjoy having fun in Thermopolis!