Mersades Jackson, Reporter

Cody Wyoming is full of outdoorsy people, and being outdoors is good for the soul. Sometimes, however, being outdoors can come with a heavy price. The DANO organization knows both of these things. How they do business is extremely humble, and very appealing to Cody and Powell residents.

DANO started in memory of Dan Ostrom. Dan passed away in 1996 in a horse accident. Dan loved the outdoors, he spent all of his time outdoors. Then a family friend of the Orstroms suggested the idea of starting a backpacking program. The Orstroms thought it was a great idea. The first 5 years were just boy trips, then girls’ trios started.

DANO is an 8-day backpacking trip separated by gender. The trips are usually in Beartooths, but that is not confirmed until a few days before the trip. There are always 2 boys and girls trips. One in July and one in August. It is completely free to apply to. Funding comes from donations and DANO pottery. All equipment for the backpacking trips is provided, so if a person has no equipment it is fine. Before going on other 8-day trips there is a field day. This is required! If the field day does not go well, a person could get kicked out. And program prioritizes alumni, so if anybody is interested be sure to get the application in early. The turn-in deadline is over, but there is always next year.

DANO is one of the most memorable experiences ever. Backpacking for 8 days, learning about others and yourself, It’s wonderful! Alumni Summer Neilson shares her favorite thing about her trip, “ My favorite thing about DANO is the attitude that everyone has on the trips, everyone is really encouraging and never lets anyone give up.” Summer Neilson’s leaders were Carol Neilson, Sophie Broussard, and Kyla Kopecky.  Summer is most looking forward to seeing new sights and exploring this year. Cache McFadden is going on his first trip this year, he is one of the kids who will be using the provided equipment! Cache states what he is most looking forward to during the trip “ I’m looking forward to catching some fatties in the bighorns!” 

DANO is such a great opportunity for teens, and it helps with so much. It is very recommended all over Cody, and it is such a great program!!