Summer Vibes


Macy Ball, Reporter

The school year is about to end, which means summer is almost here! There are a ton of fun summer activities to do. Summer is a time to get outdoors and have fun. People go to camps, go swimming, go on vacations, and more. Two middle school students explained what they do for their summer break. First, Daisy Spomer said,” My family and I go to North Dakota and Cheyanne. We also go to Boysen Lake, to go tubing and hang with family and friends.” She likes to go swimming, tubing, and going camping. She also said that she hangs out with her family during the summer but also with her friends. Next, Maddie Beaudrie said that she loves to go swimming with her friends. Also if they travel during the summer, it is usually just to see family. She spends most of her summer days, with her friends. This is what a few middle school students do over the summer, what do you like to do? Have a great summer!