Best of the Best


Sydney Simone, Reporter

Best of the best track is a meet where about twenty-seven teams across the state get together and compete at the last meet of the season. This is basically a state meet in middle school. The team sizes get cut down because there are certain qualifying times and many people don’t make it to compete. Many people don’t always perform their best at this meet or as well as they would have liked to because there are so many teams that they haven’t competed against that might be better than them. Cody Middle School eighth-grader Cali Holeman said,” I did not perform my best but I still did pretty good. “ a 6th grader Chloe Ross also says,” I tried to perform my best but all my events were neck and neck so it was kind of hard.” For a lot of eighth-graders, this was their last middle school meet and even their last track meet of their lives if they chose not to continue track in high school. Cali Holeman said,” It made me so sad that is over and that is our last race,” she also said,” Of course, I am doing track in high school. I am doing both indoor and outdoor.” For other kids on the team, they still have a few years left of middle school track. Chloe Ross said she is pretty sure she will do track again.

Both Chloe and Cali compete in hurdles. Chloe says her favorite event is the 200-meter hurdle race because it is a sprint and it makes you push yourself to become better. Cali Holeman says her favorite event is definitely the 100-meter hurdles because it is her best event and it is super fun. Many kids do track for the social aspect of the sport rather than the competitive aspect. Chloe Ross says she loves hanging out with her friends and enjoys the coaches, she also really enjoys the bus rides. The coaches this year included Brad Taylor (hurdles coach), Dick Smith (distance coach), Bret Engdahl (high jump coach), Lindsay Brice (pole vault and sprints coach), Karen Wagner (long, triple, and sprints coach), and Joe Beaudrie (shot and discus coach. If you are looking for a fun sport to do next spring, track is the perfect fit for you.