Lovin’ the view


Finn Manley, Reporter

With summer nearly here there is going to be an increase in vacationing and traveling. So here are the top 5 destinations to travel to this summer when school releases. At number five we have Portugal. Portugal offers golden beaches and family-friendly resort towns. But there is much more than this to discover if you travel to Portugal. Such as when it comes to the national cuisine, Portugal offers one of the best. With high-quality seafood, salt cod, and the famous custard tarts, Portugal is a favorite for foodies. Overall, Portugal is an all-around great European travel destination. Coming in at number four is Bali, located in Indonesia. Let Bali tempt you with its tropical beaches, lush rainforests, and fascinating temples. That is not all, many desire to travel there where it is great to go snorkeling as it is part of the Coral Triangle, an area with a rich biodiversity of fish and turtle species. Now number three is Greece. It’s one of the best destinations for culture as it has amazing historical sites. The legacy of Ancient Greek culture has made Greece a popular destination for sightseeing. Nevertheless, it’s also perfect for a laid-back beach getaway. As we are nearly close in this list at number two we have Spain. It has long been one of the most popular places to go in the summer. You can almost guarantee long, sunny days. It’s great for those looking to top up their tan and relax a little. If you’d rather go sightseeing, Spain has plenty of historic sights and natural wonders to explore. Now finally we have reached number one which is Costa Rica. You can expect great weather throughout the summer and to even longer extents, especially true for the popular resorts of the eastern and Caribbean coast, with their golden beaches and laid-back atmosphere. There is much to be seen there such as soaring volcanoes and the lush cloud forests.