Ruffin’ it up


Aubree George, Reporter

Camping is a very popular activity to do during the summer and spring. Approximately 40 million people go camping in the US, every year. Going camping with campers instead of in tents is becoming more common as technology advances. 

Some of the most common activities to do when going camping are riding side-by-sides /four-wheelers, fishing, canoeing/ kayaking, and playing card games, and board games. Sunlight, Sunshine Reservoir, West Yellowstone, the Bighorns, and Shell Creek are a few of the most popular and common places to go camping in Wyoming. 

When interviewing a CMS student, McKenna Kondelis she said that her family and friends go camping together almost every weekend during the summer. She also stated, “we usually leave on Fridays and camp till Sunday or Monday.” The things they do depend on where they go camping. When camping in the Big Horns, they go bear hunting and shoot guns a lot. When they go to Sunshine Reservoir during the warm weekends, they go boating, fishing, and paddleboarding. 

So, this summer when you and your family or friends are bored and don’t know what to do in the warm weather, go camping! It’s very enjoyable, and a big hobby for many people during the summer.