Tasty Thai

Megan Pederson, Reporter

Thai Thai is a Thai food restaurant on Sheridan Avenue (next to Dominos). It is the only Thai restaurant in town. Personally, it is my favorite Asian restaurant in Cody. Some of my favorite things off of the menu are the orange chicken, Thai tea with boba, crispy avocados, and the Sweet Melody. The food is 100% authentic. They have lots of different dish options, and all are delicious. They have pineapple rice, and it is delicious. Thai Thai also has a variety of different drinks, they have the normal soft drinks and iced tea, but they also have a bunch of special drinks. They have unsweet Thai tea, sweetened Thai tea, mango bubble tea, black lime tea, Thai coffee (black and sweetened), strawberry bubble tea, coconut bubble tea, and taro bubble tea. You can add boba, popping mango tapioca pearls, or jelly to any of their special drinks. The restaurant is clean, and the staff is nice. Your food is usually cooked very fast and very efficiently. I would rate Thai Thai 5/5 stars.