Welcome to the middle school!


Wade Bower, Reporter

New 6th graders? Some 5th graders (this year) are nervous, what if they lock all their stuff in their locker and forget the combo? Some are excited, how many more P.E. games are there? But in reality, they are going to remember their combo like the back of their hand by the 2nd week of school. Also, they will make many new friends as the 5 elementary schools merge into 1 middle school.

 A 5th grader from Livingston, Kinzie Schramm has her opinion on this. “I am excited for middle school but also a little bit nervous. I am nervous because I worry I will forget my way around the school. But at the same time, I am excited because there are many different classes and I get to meet new people.” She is right, there are many more classes and opportunities, as she describes one class she’s excited to try. “The class I think that would be the most fun will be math because I like math, and P.E. because I love to exercise.”

A 5th grader from Sunset, Kylan Bower says “I am excited for middle school because it is a new school and a great way to make new friends.” And she’s Right, 3 different schools of 5th graders coming together to form one 6th grade class, of course, new friends are part of the deal. “What makes me the most nervous is knowing that I will be going to school with 8th graders. The most fun part I think will be having different teachers and not just the same ones every day.” What class will be the most fun? “I think gym class will be the most fun and I can’t wait for the tumbling.” 

The incoming 6th graders are ready but nervous for middle school. Good luck to them next year!