What’s hoppin’?


Macy Ball, Reporter

Easter is celebrated differently by many families… some people keep Easter religious-based while others celebrate by dying eggs, doing Easter egg hunts, and decorating with Easter bunnies. Some families combine a mixture of the religious holiday and the well-known activities of Easter. How does CMS celebrate Easter? Here is what a few students had to say… Paige Kondelis said, “ I stayed in town for Easter and dyed Easter eggs on Saturday, before Easter Sunday. “ Her family also always goes to her Aunt and Uncle’s house for an Easter dinner. She explained that they most likely will always have ham, salad, mashed potatoes, and rolls. She also goes to church on Easter Sunday. On the other hand, Kanin Phillips stated that he has a bunch of families coming over to celebrate Easter Sunday. His family also has an easter egg hunt around their house, they hide eggs inside and outside. He said,” On Easter, my brother and I usually will receive a basket full of chocolate and candies.” This is what a few CMS students did this Easter. Hope your Easter was full of festive fun and hanging out.