Earth Day


Sydney Simone, Reporter

Have you ever heard about Earth Day? Have you ever done anything to help our planet on this day? Well if not here are a few ideas to help you out. One thing you can do to give back to the earth. A big thing you can do is follow the three R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Some examples of these would be to reduce your waste in water, non-recyclable objects, and plastic. Another thing you can do to give back to the environment is to start a garden, plant trees, pick up trash, start a compost pile, and reduce wasted supplies. Cody Middle School students were asked about what they thought when they heard the words Earth Day. CMS 8th grader Claire Zollinger said she thought about dirt, an image of the earth, and plants. She also thinks that Earth Day is important and should be celebrated in even the small things like recycling. 

Some people may think that Earth Day is not real or it’s just a joke, but it is a real day where people should consider the environment. Some people may choose to celebrate Earth day differently. Some may just take a minute to think about the Earth, some may spend the day outdoors, and some may be more passionate about this day and be more “active.” If you are curious about what to do to help the environment just do what you feel is enough to give back.