Muddy Moose Cafe


Hailie Schramm, Reporter

The Muddy Moose Cafe here in Cody is a great place to have breakfast with the family. It is a nice, calm place to sit and have a cup of coffee. They are very kid-friendly and have great service. 

Muddy Moose has a great variety of lunch and breakfast options. They have everything from biscuits and gravy, to Chicago-style pizza. The food is of great quality and is nice and warm when brought out to you. 

The atmosphere is very nice as well. It is nice and warm for a cold, harsh day. The smell of coffee and hashbrowns fill the air with joy and delight. The tables are nice and clean when you walk in. The tables are also very nicely decorated. They have a white tablecloth on each round table with a piece of smooth glass on top. The booths are very comfortable and the walls are decorated nicely. It is very western and has a buffalo skull hanging on the wall. If you look up at the ceiling it is a very old-fashioned ceiling.

Although the cafe has great food and a great atmosphere, the service is a little bit slow. They aren’t terribly slow like other restaurants but it’s definitely not a quick stop when you go there. Overall I would recommend going to the Muddy Moose Cafe because it has amazing food and the atmosphere is nice and calming.