Freezin’ for a Reason


Megan Pederson, Reporter

On April 1st, 2022, the Jackalope Jump events were hosted in Cody, Wyoming. Other Wyoming towns hosted their Jackalope Jump between February and early April. The Jackalope Jump is an event where people raise money for the Special Olympics. The fun part about this event is that people get to jump into ice-cold water outside. Some people show up in bear costumes to jump into the water, or in other unique costumes. Gina Eades is a supporter of the Jackalope Jump and participates in it. She stated that this year was her second year doing it. She raised 500 dollars in the Jackalope Jump. She also stated that the water was very cold, but it was worth doing it for the Special Olympics. The Cody Area in total raised a total of 8,656 dollars and had 41 total jumpers. The entire state of Wyoming raised a total of 90,500 dollars in total. This program supports thousands of people who compete in the Special Olympics every year. Stay Freezin’ For a Reason!