Happy taste good


Ellie Talich, Reporter

Many people enjoy a nice, cold, creamy blizzard, but do they really want to spend all that time waiting in the drive-thru? Blizzards are a big hit in the summer but getting all the way around could take 30 minutes or more. This past summer the lobby closed early due to covid so the drive-thru was the only option. This caused the line to take even longer.

The employees in Dairy Queen are usually very friendly and the seating is nice with many different places to sit. There is an outside area that is a fun place to hang out with your friends in the summer. One experience kids have had there was after an eight-day backpacking trip Dairy Queen provided a meal and an ice cream which was very kind. Although they were very nice I do not think they wanted us stinking up their lobby so they encouraged us to sit outside. 

Dairy Queen has been open for a very long time and it has been a very successful business. The hours are 11 AM-8 PM in the lobby but the drive-thru is open till 9. There is a large variety of food including fried food, hamburgers, ice cream, and cakes. Custom cakes can be made for any special occasion. A popular dessert at Dairy Queen is the blizzard chocolate brownie extreme. This includes chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and brownie bites. 

DQ is a very popular ice cream shop that does very well. The service is strong, with lots of different opinions for food and desserts. Everything about this restaurant is great as long as they can figure out a more effective way to get around the drive-thru.