Kids rule, adults drool


Hailie Schramm, Reporter

Last week the world has had a problem, all the adults disappeared! No one knows for sure what is happening, why it is happening, and how it is happening. It is all very confusing. Kids have been going crazy. They get everything for free because there are no adults to work at the grocery stores. Soon there will be no more food because the kids are eating everything for free. Lily Gallagher says, “ I have no idea what is going on, I am so confused. It’s been really fun though. We don’t have to follow any rules. Lots of days we have gone to the amusement park and did whatever we want. We also don’t have to go to school anymore.” 

Lily has found it easy to take care of her siblings because they can do whatever they want. She has two brothers and one little sister. Their house has turned into a giant fort and they never brush their teeth before they go to bed. They stay up almost all night eating popcorn and candy because their mom never let them do any of that. “It’s so much fun. We don’t have to worry about getting in trouble by anything or anyone. I go around doing whatever I want all day,” says Schuler Bailey a sixth-grader. As you can see there are many kids having the time of their life. The kids have gotten out of control.  

Mrs. Fitti is a young mother who is yet to still disappear. She says that the kids have gotten so out of control that the world is actually spinning 10 times faster. The kids are so happy for all of the adults to be gone. It is awesome they all say. But in reality, it is really a catastrophe. 

Young authorities have found evidence of where they think all of the adults have gone. Some scientists have used a telescope to look into space. One strange thing they saw was the shadows of people on Mars. There have also been random things falling from the sky that people have used. Who knows what is happening to the world. But now, everything is ruled by kids.