Sprinting into Spring


Macy Ball, Reporter

As the spring season approaches the track season begins. Track is a great sport to keep in shape and hang out with friends. There are different types of events to do like running or field events. There are lots of people who want to try this sport. This is one of the only school events that 6th graders can do. Alayna Hutchisons is a 6th grader doing track. She said, that she was excited about track, and she also said that track was surprisingly different than what she expected. The events she is doing is the 800 and 400 but not any field events.  Coach Wagner, is the 6th and 7th-grade girls track coach, along with the triple and long jump. Coach Wagner also helps with relays. She started coaching track because she loved the sport and wanted to keep being around the sport. Coach Wagner said, “I did track in middle school, high school, and in college at the University of Wyoming.” If you happen to be around on April 23rd, come to the High School track and watch your peers perform.