AAU Volleyball


Sydney Simone, Reporter

Do you like to play sports in the spring season? Do you like to take all your anger out on a ball? Well, then you’d love to play AAU volleyball! Volleyball is a fun sport with lots of communication and patience. Players must work together to hit the ball over the net and serve as well. There are many different age divisions this spring including 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, and 18u. A player from CMS on the 12u team Breckin Lien says her team practices every Tuesday and Thursday. Other teams like 16u and 18u practice every Monday and Thursday. Every day of the week except for Fridays teams have practice. There are a lot of girls on every team and an estimate would be about forty girls plus or minus a few. 

The 14u team has been split into an A and a B team because there are so many girls. However many girls are doing not only AAU this spring but other sports as well. A couple of CMS students like Reagan Moss, Grace Hays, and Ellie Talich are also doing soccer. Many students get tired from all the sports and the late-night practices along with school and homework.  Reagan Moss says that she really enjoys volleyball, but basketball is her favorite sport. Many girls on the team enjoy being with their peers and filling their weekends. If you are one of these people looking for something to do, then next year during springtime, you should definitely think about signing up for AAU and going to some tournaments.