Why can’t middle-schoolers sit outside during lunch?


Hailie Schramm, Reporter

I have always wondered, why can’t middle schoolers sit outside for lunch. I think that it could go both ways. A couple of reasons why I think that middle schoolers should be allowed to sit outside for lunch is because lots of people like to get fresh air. Also, some people could get anxiety from sitting in a cafeteria with lots of people yelling and being out of control. Sometimes I know people that will start to get headaches from being crowded by people inside of the lunchroom. If they allowed us to eat outside of lunch it wouldn’t be as loud and crazy and people would not get as bad of headaches.

Although I think that we should be able to sit outside for lunch, I can understand some reasons why they would not let us. I think they don’t let us because if we went outside students would probably not eat lunch and just keep playing during recess. Students would also probably start lots more food fights and start running around and being crazy. 

As you can see I think that the school should allow students to be able to sit outside during lunch.