Diving into the season


Mia Broussard, Reporter

Many are upset as the swim season will only be 26 days this year. The first day of training was February 14 and things got off to a great start.

With the first meet coming up on February 19th in Lander Wyoming, Cody Middle School swimmers have been training hard. I had a chance to talk to coach Cami Jackson to see her thoughts on the season. She is most excited about the improvements all the kids are going to make, and she said she’s excited about a “fast but fun season.”

Next, I talked to 6th grader Mallory Donham and she is excited for her first competition because she has never done swimming and is excited to try something new. Katrina Black a 7th grader said her favorite stroke is the backstroke because that’s when she’s fastest and she’s excited to compete.