The odds of conference

Wade Bower, Reporter

The boy’s basketball season’s end is just around the corner, and they are prepping hard for the Conference tournament. “A” in Thermop this Saturday, “B” in Riverton last Saturday. Joshua Sauers 8th grader ( plays on the A-team) stated that he thinks it’s going to be a good few games for basketball at conference as long as the team focuses, he doesn’t want to lose because it would be devastating but he knows the team has what it takes to beat every single team that they play.” When asked what team he thinks will be hard to beat, he says “Thermopolis, Lovell, or Powell, they all have a good coaching staff, some of them we have beat in the past but I’m sure we can beat them now.” “I think our team is ready for the challenge ahead but we don’t know what the future may bring. My plans are to finish off strong, this is my last year of middle school then off to high school, I loved my middle school years, I need to focus on the games ahead.”

Basketball is a fun and challenging team sport, enhancing many skills. Good luck at conference!