The end of nordic skiing


Hailie Schramm, Reporter

This year’s Nordic ski team had a very successful year. The team attended 4 races, the first race was here in Cody, the second up at Antelope Butte, the third race was in Casper, and the state meet was in Lander. Coach Laura Campbell says, “ This season was a blast, I had an even split between boys and girls, which is never the case. Last year I had 2 boys and 17 girls! The even split was fun to watch the kids challenge each other and feel challenged at the same time.” This year there were 10 boys and ten girls. 

Sixth-grader, Isaac Sims says that he loved the ski season and he is definitely going to do it next year. Nordic skiing is a great way for students to get out in the wild, stay in shape, have fun and make new friends. Seventh-grader Jayden Johnson states, “ It was great! I had an amazing time traveling to places like Casper, Lander, and many more! I also met new friends like Addison Corbin, Isaac Sims, Maddison Burkhardt, and the coach, Coach Campbell! Everyone is so nice and Nordic skiing really is a great sport! I think Nordic Skiing gives us students a chance to get to know each other, and experience new things!” Jayden also said, “The Nordic Ski Team requires nothing but strength, loyalty, and Fun! The season really was magical, full of wonder, I worked hard and I got what I really wanted, friends, and the realization that you can be who you want to be if you work hard, you also get rewarded, like a ribbon. It really is a sad feeling to know that the season is now over.” Also, eighth-grader Ingrid Anderson says that this year had its ups and downs but overall very fun. All of the eighth-graders said they had a great last race and will really miss Coach Campbell and the middle school team next year. 

As you can see, the students of the Nordic ski team had lots of fun this year. Most of them are considering signing up for it next year. 


Nordic Skiing Team

Ingrid Anderson, Molly Buckles, Madison Burckhardt, Colton Campell, Addison Corbin, Austin Corbin, Louella Cornell, George Gaona, Roque Hartman, Jayden Johnson, Dawson Rau, Logan Rutherford, Thayne Rutherford, Hailie Schramm, Sunday Schuh, Toby Schuh, Issac Sims, JJ LaFollette, Sadie Wachob, Raina Wachob.