Waking up


Ellie Talich, Reporter

The time is coming around again where everyone is wanting to get outside in the warm weather. The animals are thinking the same thing, so they are leaving hibernation. Some people pay closer attention to these patterns then others, science teacher Mr. Davis states  “ I carefully cataloged the timing and correlated conditions of that awakening. I also pay close attention to the habits and travel patterns of those same magnificent bruins.”  

When animals typically come out of hibernation between March and May. There are a lot of factors that come into play when animals leave hibernation, such as snowfall, temperature, and food supply. Male grizzlies come out of hibernation mid to late March. Females emerge later, late April or early May. Some animals that will be coming out of hibernation are bears, bats, hedgehogs, and foxes. Mr. Davis says “ I take great joy in this seasonal reconnaissance, as it helps me avoid getting ripped from my tent and consumed by one of these hungry mountain patriarches.” Make sure to keep a lookout for these incredible animals, especially during this time of the year