Club’n after school


Hailie Schramm, Reporter

Have you been bored after school? Have you been sitting on the couch doing nothing? Well if you find yourself in that situation, consider signing up for the new afterschool clubs. There are so many clubs to consider joining, from skateboard making to outdoor science. Most of them have already opened up, others are still yet to come. 

The maker space club for example has already opened up. STEM teacher, Mr. Conaway states, “ The after-school maker space club is a really fun club. A hackerspace is trying to figure out how things work and you take things apart and a Makerspace is kind of similar but you focus more on making things.” Mr. Conaway is hoping for this club to open up again next year especially because there are kids who are going to need more than one year to finish their projects. 

There is also the new outdoor science club that is opening up very soon. This new club will start on January 31st. They will be meeting together every Monday and Friday until May 13th which will be the great finale. This club will be super fun and I am really excited for it to begin Mrs. Class said. It’s not too late to sign up. 

As you can see there is so much opportunity if you get stuck at home on the couch. And there are even more clubs, card game club, maker space club, outdoor science, Live all in, drone club, skateboard making, and even after-school tutoring.