Dance like nobody’s watching


Ellie Talich, Reporter

Many people have had the question for a while if school dances are in the picture, and many people have given up on this thought. Eighth graders only had 4 dances before we all got quarantined in 6th grade. A few 6th and 7th graders who haven’t had a dance during their time at the middle school shared their thoughts on what they would like. 

School dances have not occurred for over two years and 7th grader Zach Nelson thinks that it would be great if there was a Hawaiian theme dance. Sixth graders McKinley Phannanroth would enjoy dancing with her friends and Hennessey Lee would “love it if there was a photo booth. You would be able to just have a lot of memories with your friends and your first dance.” CHS CAN has stated that they are not hosting any dances this year so if we want this to happen we are going to have to improvise. 

Obviously, Dances are a wanted event in CMS. So, the student body should work hard to bring the fun eventful nights back. Not just to have fun, but also to lessen the embarrassment when it comes time for High School dances.