After the Bell


Mia Broussard, Reporter


Have you ever wondered if your teachers solve world hunger in your very own classroom after you leave at 3:30? Do you wonder if they even leave the school? Do they even have another life, other than just teaching you and your friends? I interviewed two of our favorite teachers at the school to get the inside scoop.

As Mrs. Kirkham skeptically stated, “I leave the school as fast as I can, to get to practice at the high school.” But she probably leaves as fast as she can to get away from all of those ‘other’ crazy teachers that sanitize their classrooms and plan for the next day.

Then Mr.Tuten said that he normally is very board so he finds someone random to talk to about something totally unrelated so the time can pass quicker. But then he confessed that sometimes he sees one crazy teacher hurry by his classroom and he always wonders what they are doing. I guess we will never know what those crazy teachers do after school.