CMS 7th Grade Boys Basketball


Abbey Edwards , Reporter

Seventh-grade boys basketball has started. Players can dunk only during a game. During warm-up, players are not allowed to touch the rim or during a dead ball, players will get a technical foul. NBA Basketball started in November 1, 1946.  Coach Nieters and Coach Denning are the coaches for the 7th-grade basketball.


Roster: Cache McFadden, Kyler Stinson, Gavin Rockey, Sawyor Engdahl, Everest Hill, Caden Burke, Kaleb Ball, Harper Baugher, Charles Becker, Nate Cobourn, Colby Crandall, Elijah Dallman, Jesse Hatch, Parker Hein, Waylon Massey, Steven Mattson, James Milner, Anders Nelson, Zach Nelson, Grant Ortner, Jackson Potter, Fisher Profit, Rory Reiter, Damian Sander, Carson Smith, Abel Contreras, Ethan Caldwell, Parker Hein, Noah Kingston.