Watchin’ movies on Thanksgiving


Kannon Grant, Reporter

There aren’t many Thanksgiving movies that have been made but in this article, they will finally be brought to their glory. Many people don’t even know there are any thanksgiving movies.  Some of the most popular ones are, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Free Birds, Turkey Hollow, Home for the Holidays, and A Family Thanksgiving. Marco Skoric (8th grader) said that the only Thanksgiving movie he’s seen was “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. 

Here are what these movies are about. First A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is where Charlie Brown takes in his friends even though all he knows how to cook is cold cereal and sometimes toast. The Indian Squanto helps with the pilgrims and helps Charlie Brown get through Thanksgiving. Next up is Free Birds. Free Birds is where two turkeys travel back in time and try to prevent the turkey from ending up on the Thanksgiving menu. The last one is Turkey Hollow. Turkey Hollow is where kids and their recently divorced dad go to Turkey Hollow to spend Thanksgiving with there Aunt Clay and things get magical. There you have it, The Thanksgiving Movies and all their glory.