The Thanksgiving Goose


Erica Mayhugh, Reporter

 How many stories do you know about thanksgiving? You probably know the main thanksgiving story: the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast. But do you know the thanksgiving goose? 


The Thanksgiving Goose

“But I don’t like roast goose,” said Guy, pouting. “I’d rather have turkey. Turkey is best for Thanksgiving, anyway. Goose is for Christmas.”Guy’s mother did not answer. He watched her while she carefully wrote G. T. W. on the corner of a pretty new red-bordered handkerchief. Five others, all alike, and all marked alike, lay beside it. The initials were his own.” Why didn’t you buy some blue ones? I’d rather have them different,” he said. Mrs. Wright smiled a queer little smile but did not answer. She lit a large lamp and held the marked corner of one of the handkerchiefs against the hot chimney. The heat made the indelible ink turn dark, although the writing had been so faint. Guy could hardly see it before.”Oh, dear,” he cried, “there’s a little blot at the top of that T! I don’t want to carry a handkerchief that has a blot on it.” Very well,” said his mother. “I’ll put them away, and you may carry your old ones until you ask me to let you carry this one. I don’t care to furnish new things for a boy who doesn’t appreciate them.” “I don’t like old—” “That’ll do, Guy. Never mind the rest of the things that you don’t like. I want you to take this dollar down to Mrs. Burns. Tell her that I shall have a day’s work for her on Friday, and I thought she might like to have part of the pay in advance to help make Thanksgiving with. Please go now.” 


Hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving story. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!