How people celebrate Thanksgiving


Abbey Edwards, Reporter

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Some people travel over the holidays, some people stay home and just have a huge meal, other people don’t do anything. Thanksgiving is when people get to be with their family, eat food, and be grateful for what they have. Thanksgiving is a national holiday but it’s celebrated differently throughout the world.

6th grader Kayson Grant said, “We are going to a Denver Bronco game.” 7th grader Brinlee George said, “I usually am either at my dad’s house or my mom’s, and at both places we have lunch/dinner with cousins and family.” In response to how he travels around Thanksgiving, Kayson Grant said “No we usually just stay home.”. Brinlee replied, “We usually just stay home unless there is a special occasion. ” 

These are just some of the ways people celebrate. There are tens of thousands of ways to celebrate. People travel to different countries or to grandma’s house. People usually have turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, bread rolls, and a lot more. What do you do for Thanksgiving?