Shots up, box-out


Abbey Edwards, Reporter


Basketball started on October 18th for the girls. They had their first game on October 30th against Lander and Riverton, they won both, A team won both their games. The B team also had great games. They have been practicing every day and their next game is on November 6th.

When asked why he likes to coach, Pat Nieters said “I have been coaching basketball for 26 years. I really enjoy working with kids that have an interest in learning how to play the game. The best part of it is when I can see how much kids improve throughout the season. Their satisfaction becomes mine.” When asked the same thing Mike Denning said “I first started coaching Special Olympics when I was in college at Montana State in Bozeman.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to coach many different sports!  It’s a great way to be involved with my students outside of the classroom.  It’s much more relaxed and rewarding to see athletes learn and grow in a different environment.”, when asked if they use to play basketball, Coach Denning responded “I played basketball from 5th-10th grade.  I had high hopes of playing varsity basketball but was cut my sophomore year.  Only two sophomores were kept and the rest of us were given the disappointing news that we would have to play Intramural Basketball from then on.  I have enjoyed playing pick-up games in college and at the Rec Center.”, “Yes, I played from 7th grade through my senior year of high school. I enjoyed playing and it kept me in shape.” Coach Nieters said when asked the same thing. Then when asked what they look for in players and what makes a good player Denning said “The most important thing in my mind is having a player that is coachable and a team player.  Winning is so much fun, but there is so much more to learn when things don’t go the way you want them to.” and Nieters said “I look forward to a player that has a desire to WANT to play the game and learn about it. What I believe makes a good player is a player that enjoys the game and works hard to improve their game to become better, more competitive, and the best they can be”.

Good luck to both A and B teams in their season! Make sure to come watch the girls play when they have a home game! Hope you have a great and enjoyable season. Cody Middle School wishes you luck in your game against Worland this Saturday. Go Fillies!