Trails, Drops, and Hops


Kali Merritt, Tech/Graphic Design

There are many different enrichments at CMS; team sports, cooking, art, yearbook, mountain biking and so many more. In many students’ opinions, mountain biking is the best enrichment at CMS. For those that like speed and excitement, this is the enrichment that will test students biking skills on rough terrain, skilled trails, jumps, drops, and so much more!

In the mountain biking enrichment students often ride bikes up at the Beck Lake Bike Park and trails. The Beck Lake Bike Park offers many different paths of biking; the drop zone, jumps, the pump track, skills trails, and a few simple trails. After the bike park comes the really biking trails, the trails that have varying levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. These trails put skills to the test, many of them are miles long in distance! Many students prefer to fly through jumps and other activities in the bike park. Others like to test their skills and take on a long and tough trail. Some of the most popular trails are Johnny G’s and  Daily Grind. 

Many students in the mountain biking class enjoy being out in the fresh air, for an hour, every Friday morning. Jackson Pfaffenroth, a 7th grader at CMS, says: “ I like my enrichment because we get to go ride every Friday morning, I enjoy the people that are in it with me, and I like the teachers Mr. Eckley and Mr. Denning. I like going on the trails at Beck Lake and on the Paul Stock trails down by the Shoshone River.” All Friday mornings so far have had nice weather so the students can ride. When the weather decides not to cooperate, the mountain biking class does other activities than ride. Mr. Denning, one of the teachers that are in charge of the mountain biking enrichment, says: “So far we have been able to ride every Friday, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will teach bike maintenance and other skills that can be taught in the classroom.” In the classroom, students learn how to change a flat/damaged tire, different skills that help with biking abilities, and they find cool websites to look at bikes and gear that would be fun to own. 

Overall the CMS mountain biking enrichment has been the peak of many students’ Fridays. Students put their skills to the test and take on rough terrain and challenging trails. After all, who doesn’t like a mountain bike ride, on a crisp and cool Friday morning?