Maze of Corn

Maze of Corn

Kali Merritt, Tech/Graphic Design

There are those times when there is nothing to do, and boredom takes over. Well during the fall season there are some fun activities that people can do with friends and family. Corn mazes are one of the best activities to go do with friends and family. 

There are a few corn mazes around Cody. Some of them are just simple mazes, others are spooky and scary like a haunted house. One of the most popular is the Gallagher’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch, in Clark Wy (outside of Cody). Not only do they have a corn maze but they also have a pumpkin patch, animals, cornhole, a hay slide, and a slingshot pit! Many people visit the corn maze every year. There is also a food stand with snacks and drinks!

Many CMS students have been to the Gallagher’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch this year. Trent Bower, an 8th grader at CMS, says: “ The corn maze is really fun to go to with friends. We played tag through the maze and had fun the whole time. The first time going through the maze is kind of confusing, but went through multiple times so we got the hang of it.” The corn maze sounds super fun and so do all of the other activities! Many people go to the pumpkin patch and take pictures together, others will buy a pumpkin and take it home with them. One of the favorite activities at the corn maze (besides the maze) is the slingshot pit. At the slingshot pit, you load a rubber slingshot (with a pocket), with a tennis ball, then you shoot it at the targets in front of it. Trent says: “ The slingshot pit is super fun, if you pull it back too far, it can backfire! But the main goal is to hit the metal target that is in front of you.” 

Gallagher’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch sound like a great place to go to have fun with friends and family. There are many activities that people enjoy and have fun with. The corn mazes will test your thinking skills and navigation abilities. Stop by with your family and friends for a day of fall fun!