Hyper Halloween


Molly Buckles , Reporter

If you are looking for any hotspots for candy this article will tell you about some good and secretive spots that give out the best candy.

When you think of Halloween what do you think about? The yellowing leaves, the spooky costumes, the full moon, the spooky night. All of those are a part of Halloween, but what about the candy?! When Cali Holeman thinks of Halloween she thinks of all the candy she gets. She says that she usually gets the most candy from the neighborhoods around Livingston.“People in the neighborhoods around Livingston usually give out lots of candy and candy bars, one guy even hands out teddy bears!” 

Kristen Boysen also gets her candy from around Livingston and Ina ave. Other kids that are out hunting for candy on Halloween go to the neighborhoods around sunset school. There are tons of good options out there. Kristen says she usually goes trick or treating with, “My older sister and my friends.” Cali Holmen usually goes trick or treating with her friends and sisters. At the end of the night, she has tons of candy. If Kristen had to guess how many pounds of candy she had at the end of the Halloween night she would guess, “Over 5 pounds of candy!!”

Now you know the spots to hit in Cody, I hope this article gets you more candy than ever before!