Decorating skills for the spooky season


Abbey Edwards, Reporter

Get ready for the spooky season and these decorating ideas. Is your house boring during the Halloween season? Well, look at these decorating ideas to help you prepare for the spooky season! You could put those big inflatables in your front yard or spiderwebs in your bush.

7th grader Zach Nelson said, “No, my mommy only puts up fall decorations.” when asked if he decorates for Halloween. When asked the same question, 7th grader Reagan Moss said “Yes, it’s mainly my mom and me. My siblings don’t contribute”. “I don’t really pay attention to things I don’t care about,” Zach said about his favorite decoration. Reagan on the other hand said, “A pumpkin jack in the box that sings a song and snoopy pops out and it scares my dog.” When finally asked if they think people should decorate Zach said “No because it’s a waste of money, it doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t do anything it’s pretty stupid and is financially stupid.” Reagan said, “Yes, because it’s cool for the trick or treaters and Zach is wrong it’s not stupid.” 

As you can see decorating is fun for others and some not so much. Do you decorate for Halloween? When you go trick or treating do you like when people have their houses decorated?

Have a great Halloween and be safe!