Halloween night scare


Bella Beachler, Reporter


On Halloween night people love to trick or treat and go through haunted houses, but most of all, watch a scary movie! Some like Disney Horror, to the very scariest horror movies! People have been telling scary stories for centuries! In 1896 the first-ever horror movie was made. It was a total of 2 and ½ minutes long. 

People love scary movies because when we get scared we get a rush of adrenaline and a release of endorphins and dopamine. When people voted for their favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus got the most votes with 54 votes. Halloween got 19 votes. Hocus Pocus is a great movie if you hate horror, and you just want to have fun! Halloween is a great movie if you want to get scared out of your witts and never sleep ever again, but hey, it may be fun!

From funny to scary everybody likes different movies. Some love getting scared, and others love a good laugh. Most like watching movies at the theater but a few just like their comfy sofa. But wherever you watch it or whatever you watch, a movie on Halloween makes the night much more special.