A not so SCARY story


Porter Rau, Reporter

It’s that time of the season where things get spooky and ghost stories get good. Ghost stories can be so they will make a kid cry. So here’s a story to start off the season.

Jimmy and Jamie were walking through the woods in pitch black (don’t ask why they are dumb) and they heard a snap. They turned around to see nothing than out of nowhere a baby deer walked right in front of them. They were kinda freaked out but started calming down. The Bambie just stood there. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE, IT WAS DRAGGED INTO THE FOREST BY A GIANT CLAW!!!! Jimmy and Jamie started running as fast as they could. They could hear the thing getting closer and closer and of course, Jamie tripped over a tiny leaf and took her time to get up so she can get caught. Instead of getting up and running away, she decided to drag herself on the ground going backward screaming her lungs out. Oh, and Jimmy was long gone my man dipped. Jamie slowly looked up as her fate got closer and closer then….. (scream out of nowhere to freak your friends out) The End.