Scary pranks


Halle Robinson , Reporter

Halloween is a great time of year. The treats, the costumes, but most importantly the tricks. 

There are many different halloween tricks, here are some of them.

  1.  Disguised Onions- dip an onion in caramel and call it a caramel apple – really simple trick
  2. Ghost Drone- put a white lightweight sheet over your drone and fly it around- this one is simple if you have everything needed.
  3. Bathe in Blood- Put a kool-aid packet in the showerhead and it will spray out red liquid (blood) – this one is a little more challenging
  4. Foghorn behind the door- tape a foghorn behind your door- this one is very easy
  5. Spider in the jar- quite simply put a spider in a jar. Normally fake but it is possible to put a real one in there.
  6. Fake handshake- get a fake hand/arm and when shaking hand pull back and hand will come off. Very Traditional and easy
  7. Eyes in the house or yard- carve out eyes in an empty toilet paper roll and put a green or red glow stick in the roll. Super easy
  8. Change shortcuts- go into settings on a phone, go to general then go to the keyboard, Text replacements and write whatever phrase you want like spooky, and then write another word like the so pretty difficult but gets easier. Whenever you type the spooky will show up instead. 
  9. Scary Costume- nothing is better than a scary costume to blow them away

The link where these ideas are from: