The start to team sports


Kali Merritt, Tech/Graphic Designer

Every Friday at CMS, there is an enrichment class that involves the shedding of blood, sweat, and tears. Every other normal class is shortened to 27 minutes to make way for, enrichment classes. Enrichment classes are a self-selected class that allows students to try something new or different. 

There are many different enrichment classes at CMS! There is art, fly-tying, photography, film making, yearbook, cooking, and many more classes. Team Sports, one of the many enrichments, it involves some good old-fashioned hard work and grueling competition. Students are split into teams, and these teams compete in different games like football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, basketball, and many others. Teams work together to win games and get points for their teams. Whichever team has the most points overall, they are dubbed the champions. For those that have a competitive nature, this enrichment will put your skills to the test. The ultimate goal of Team Sports is to compete with all your effort and to help lead your team into success, to become the champions!  

Many students love the Team Sports enrichment! Some have a strong opinion that Team Sports is the best enrichment. A lot of the students that participate in Team Sports enjoy competing in the crisp morning air. There are certain sports that some teams are better at, so the competition is tough and evenly matched. The team with the most points changes almost every week. Jesse Hatch, a 7th grader at CMS, says: “ I am excited to keep on going in Team Sports, it’s really fun. The sports we have done are fun, but I am looking forward to basketball that is coming up.” Team Sports is an enrichment that keeps students engaged and active. The class helps build, teamwork, develop new skills, and it teaches students new things. Gracie Buck, an 8th grader at CMS, says: “ I like Team Sports because it helps everyone build new friendships. For me, as a new student at CMS, I get to meet new people and people that aren’t in my grade. Since I play sports, I like staying active, and Team Sports keeps you active and teaches you new things.” 

Overall Team Sports is an enrichment that CMS students like to participate in. The class takes endurance to fight through the tough competition and teaches new skills. Students put a lot of effort into competing for the win. The blood, sweat, and tears are worth all it, to become the ultimate champions!