Kyara Bennett

A lot of people like shooting bows, so it’s a good thing the school has a unit on archery in P.E. This means the P.E classes have a two-week unit on archery, all they do is shoot bows, learn about the rules of archery and how to shoot the bow. Kids can also bring their bows in to shoot and it’s just a fun thing to do. “I  like archery, It’s one of my favorite P.E. Activities. I like archery because it’s something I’m good at and it also allows me to focus and be more patient,” said Zona Hanen, 8th grader.  “My favorite part about archery is the thrill of letting the arrow go and hoping you hit your target, and when you do hit the target the excitement about hitting it,” said Madison Ruskowsky.  There are a lot of people who like archery and enjoy it. The kids in our school like shooting bows and they should keep archery around.