Fall Fashion and Fun


Molly Buckles , Reporter

The weather has been changing now that it is October! Not only has the weather changed but not everyone is wearing their typical shorts and tank tops. Now that the weather is below 60 degrees and the leaves crunch when you walk the people are pulling out their sweaters and jeans.

Lauren Margargal said she likes to wear sweaters and jeans in the fall. She has also seen other kids in the halls wearing sweaters. Others say they have seen many people getting comfortable with their sweatpants and sweatshirts. 

Lauren said this about the places where she gets her clothes, “I get my clothing from many different places including Hollister, American eagle, Khol’s, and Dillards.” If you are looking for some fall clothing be sure to check those places out. Now the weather in the forecast has changed, there is snow on the ground! Many people said they liked the cooler weather but are not ready for snow. October can be quite chilly so be sure to dress warmly for the coming days.