C.A.N. you go to the events

Abbey Edwards, Reporter

Did you know that C.A.N. has been around for 24 years! It started in 1997. C.A.N. stands for change attitudes now. Recently C.A.N. put on their first outdoor event. There were activities such as spikeball, 3 on 3 basketball, cookie decorating, and many others. 259 students came (that’s half of the school). 

8th grader Nathaniel Pryor said “I did basketball and Spikeball,” when asked what events he did. He also said that spikeball was his favorite event. When asked, was it organized, he said “Yes it was very organized.”  7th grader Paige Kondelis said “I did cornhole and spikeball”, then said, “My favorite was probably cornhole”. “It was super organized,” she said when she was asked if it was organized.

The C.A.N. event sounded like a blast. We’ll have to see what they have in store for the next event they put on!