You better run


Kali Merritt, Tech/Graphic Designer


This year’s CMS X-Country team started their season on the first day of school. The team practiced for a week before the first meet of the season. They have put a lot of work into practice to make this a good season. 


This year started off great for the CMS X-country team. They have many new members showing some great potential that could win races in future meets. There are many existing members that are still at it. The 2021 CMS x-country team has 30 hard-working members. The team has put a lot of effort into practices and competitions. Sunday Schuh, an 8th grader at CMS who runs x-country says, “So far, my season has been great! I love running and competing, and all the people on the team are fun to hang out with every day.” 


Both the girls and boys teams have been showing great progress and talent 4 weeks into the season. Coach Dick Smith says, “After two meets the girls have a first-place finish in Lovell and a second-place finish in Riverton.  The girl’s team is very young but they have lots of talent so I’m confident they can win the conference if they run to their potential on race day.  Powell and Lander are our biggest competition on the girl’s side.  On the boy’s side, we graduated seven eighth grade boys from last year’s team that went undefeated and won conference so this is a rebuilding year for the boy’s team.  After two meets, the boys have a second-place finish in Lovell and a third-place finish at Riverton.  If the boys run to their potential, a second-place finish in conference is possible.” There is a special new addition to the team this year. Brad Taylor now is now coaching x-country along with Coach Smith. Lillie Kirkham, a 7th Grader at CMS says, “ Coach Taylor is a very good addition to the team. He is very a very positive coach. He just rides his bike along with us when we run, which is really fun.”


Overall the 2021 CMS x-country team is off to a good start. Coach Smith says, “ I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of runners than the 30 kids running on this year’s team.  They’re positive, funny, and dedicated and they work extremely hard in practice.  Our motto is, “Our Sport is Your Sports Punishment,” and these runners embrace that philosophy every day in practice.  I am blessed to have the privilege of coaching these great kids!” Good luck at your oncoming meets, GO BRONCS AND FILLIES!!!